Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day 3: Tuesday, January 13, 2009

After an early wake up call, we all headed into India House's festive kitchen as we created our very own planned sandwich assembly line. The schedule was to catch the street car by 9:30am to head off to Tulane University, however, due to our running on "New Orleans time," that of course was NOT the case. At around 10am, we finally were on our quest towards our destination. What an unforgettable sight it was to see the facial expressions of the New Orleaneans who accompanied us on the street car. Picture this: Imagine sitting in the overcrowded, yet laidback street car and suddenly witnessing the simultaneous rising of 10 women who immediately stood at the snap of Professor Ganote's fingers as she called "LADIES."

After our long walk from the street car, we finally arrived on Tulane's campus and made our way to the Newcomb Center for Research on Women.

Today's event was based on meeting a local New Orleanean, Rebecca Snedeker, who created the very interesting film titled "By Invitation Only." The film illustrated her internal struggle in dealing with the issues of being a member of a privileged white family living in their own practices of race and class exclusion.

A wonderful opportunity was given to us when we were given the chance to discuss the film with the very own film maker herself. With a very warm welcome and friendly greeting, Rebecca made sure to emphasize the gratitude she felt when seeing a group of women who were curious not only to learn about New Orleans, but who were also willing to do anything to lend a helpful hand.

Time was left to spare following the event, so we separated and explored the wonders of the city!! While some went shopping, others talked with the locals, and the rest simply enjoyed walking through the streets.

At six o'clock SHARP...running on New Orleans time, everyone reunited at India House to feast on the delicious meal prepared for us. The pasta, bread, and salad was was a delight.

We then met back in our building [PRAISE] to reflect on the day and discuss the experiences we have encountered thus far in New Orleans.

**All in all, our lesson for today was the early bird gets the street car! :)

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