Monday, January 19, 2009

Day 8: Sunday, January 18, 2009

Though today was set aside for the women to sleep in, Stephanie and Melissa woke up bright and early this morning to attend mass at St. Louis Cathedral, which is located in Jackson Square. An interesting fact about the church is that it is the longest active cathedral still running in the US today. The cathedral, beautifully constructed, is pleasing to the eye. It is filled with skillfully designed paintings of the most famous saints on every wall. Not to mention the church attracts hundreds of visitors including tourists and local New Orleaneans every single Sunday.
The best part of Melissa and Stephanie's visit is that they were given the opportunity to meet Alfred Hughes, St. Louis Cathedral's Arch Bishop.
A few of us on Sunday went to check out the Prospect 1 art installations which have been around the city of New Orleans since November 1, 2008. We were lucky because we were able to see one of the art exhibits on the last day! We took the streetcar and then a fancy shuttle from the “W” Hotel to the edge of the French Quarter to the Old U.S. Mint Museum. The Old U.S. Mint is one of the numerous structures that comprise the U.S. Louisiana State Museum. One of the internationally renowned artists that were featured were South African photographer Zwleth Methtwa who depicted the poverty which many immigrants and locals in South Africa face everyday, Japanese appropriation artist, Yasumasa Morimura, Debora Luster, an American photographer, and many more. One of the most interesting art exhibits by Deborah Luster was one titled, “Tooth For An Eye: A Chorography Of Violence in New Orleans Parish”. There was a black and white photograph of a building with the words “I miss you dad” spray painted on the side. It was significant to see part of the violence in NOLA depicted in the U.S. Mint because we can get a sense of how serious the crime issue is New Orleans. One of the best parts of the Prospect 1 venues is that they are all free! For more information on the Prospect 1 art installations that were in New Orleans, please feel free to visit the website-

That puts a wrap on our first weekend here in New Orleans! Be sure to keep yourself updated on our future blogs. Hope you enjoyed it!

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